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urban beach house

venice, ca

remodel / addition

This project is a remodel and addition for an existing 2-story residence in Venice. The lot had two 1920’s era houses, one at the street and one at the rear.  The owners are a growing family who occupy the rear house, which abuts the alley. The 274 square foot, two story area of addition to the north face of the existing structure allows the bedrooms to all be accommodated at the 2nd floor and for the common living areas of the house (living room, kitchen, dining, office) to occupy the ground level. The remodeled home increases its usable space by reaching out at the lower level to the limited garden areas around the common areas. The full height doors and windows at the dining / kitchen area open to a quiet inner garden, while the full height doors of the living room open to the south light and a small slot of outdoor space at the rear of the house. A new roof deck further expands the outdoor territory of the family.

photography by Robert Berger

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