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pool side

los angeles, ca

new construction

The low line of this house stretches from front setback to rear setback of a typical 50 foot by 150 foot, flat urban lot. Bedroom and garage functions frame the entry and create a buffer to the street. The center of the house opens in a unified 1000sf space of living, kitchen, dining, and den. Two sets of full height sliding pocket doors allow this space to open onto a pool / patio running along the north side yard.  The rear portion of the house fronts the pool and pulls back to the south length of the lot and terminates in a master bedroom suite. The master bedroom opens onto the pool, but also opens onto the private garden space at the rear of the lot. The stretch of this linear plan is expressed in the thin edge of the roofline and the rhythm of wall planes starting and ending at floor-to-ceiling windows and doors.

photography by site-specific architecture and Bethany Nauert

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