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property brothers

los angeles, ca

remodel / addition

Site-specific worked with the Scott brothers and their production team to complete the plan review for a City of Los Angeles approval for a swift start to their remodel and addition work on a 100-year old home in an historic zone of LA.  We partnered with Jonathan and Drew and their project team, including Design Lead, Breeze Giannasio and Landscape Architect Terrain Integration, to fit the old structure of the home to the needs of the new modern plan and accommodate all of their desired program into a great old house.  Guest suite, roof deck and basement additions all come together to make the home complete for the entertainment and hosting functions of the house. Our work toward the planning and approvals happened at a speed to match the rigorous filming schedule of the show.

photography by Verbatim Photo Age / Gilles Mingassan, courtesy of Scott Brothers Entertainment

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