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backyard modern

venice, ca

remodel / addition

The zoning of this Venice neighborhood allows for the development of two or more houses on each lot. The owners wanted to take advantage of this to build a flexible dwelling on the rear of their lot. The space serves alternatively as office, guest house and rental unit. The two-story structure pops up above the typically, single story, old stock of Venice homes, including the family’s own 1100 sf, 100 year old bungalow on the front of the lot. The new structure takes advantage of this pop-up, with garage and work spaces at the ground level and living spaces at the bright upper level. A stairway in the loft-like living-kitchen space leads up to the sunny, look-out of the roof deck. The roof access structure filters light down into the living space below and shelters a sitting area at the roof deck from the prevailing ocean breeze.

photography by site-specific architecture

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